Establishing a format for a new innovation in travel print 

media, Experience the Real displays the best a country

has to offer, as told by its natives. This project, demonstrated 

here by Norway, seeks to reimagine the traditional printed travel brochure as a beautiful photo book for those interested

in adventure travel, remaining loved and looked after, not

disused and outdated, for years to come.

The book itself acts as an inspiring location guide, including hints and tips for the best off-the-beaten-track locations and suggested activities for an authentic experience. Photographs display locations, sometimes identified only by coordinates,

which the reader must then venture to find.

An app accompanies the book to supplement all of the essential information that quickly becomes outdated, and can be accessed via the unique download code printed in each book. It uses the latest in print recognition software, and by scanning the pages 

of the book with the app, you are then provided with more information and the means to plan and book your own adventure. Centred around an interactive map, the app lets you explore locations before you even get there, save your favourites, 

make notes, add to your calendar, and book the adventure 

of your dreams.

This project is entirely self-authored.

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