As a new-to-world mass-market beauty brand,

with great principles and firm ethical beliefs at their core,

Inc. are truly different. As a collective, and non-traditional brand, they don’t own a factory or any heavy machinery. Instead their products are lovingly handmade by underprivileged UK citizens—be it the homeless or the unemployed—in an effort to look after both people, and the planet.

Inc.’s packaging utilises recycled clear glass bottles and jars;

being washed and immediately ready for reuse, this saves valuable energy and resources. So, as all containers vary, the products are sold by weight.

Inc. takes its inspiration from the Chinese practice of Qi, whose laws dictate that we are all interconnected; Qi is energy, vitality

and life, and only with a balance of all of the five elements (earth, fire, metal, water and wood) can we be considered truly healthy and happy. Inc.’s identity reflects its handmade origins, and its labels help to categorise the products into their elements, which were assigned to them because of physical or chemical properties they possess, and are represented by textures, typography and coloured threads. 

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