Having fallen under the spell of the fjords of Norway, I

created a travel journal to help me relive each stage of

my journey.

This journal is a little different; instead of a bound

artefact I decided to design loose sheets of paper, with

no page numbers. Each sheet is thoroughly self-contained,

meaning that they can be read either in or out of order — from

my original journey many new ones can be created by rearranging the pages. Each single sheet of paper acts as if a spread in any usual magazine or book, the only difference being that the spreads are not separated by margins, they are printed on the reverse of one another. This creates unique layouts, with overlapping elements, and gives fluidity to the pages. 

Each day comprises of a journal section, followed by photographic

prints. Envelopes created out of a Norwegian road map house

all of the tickets and receipts for each given day. The colour 

palette of grey and a variety of blues references closely 

the natural landscape.

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