[branding, web design, product & packaging design]


Channeling the owner’s Swedish heritage and love of the written word, the INK.ED logo saw the abstraction of Bohuslän Runes into a modern, minimalist logo. This needed to be a contemporary mark to carry the majority of the brand image – its “tag”.


The customer’s user journey was meticulously planned out. From the first touchpoint of the website – easy to navigate and with all of the information you might need – to the appointment cards given at the consultation and the design of the studio itself, you get a sense for who INK.ED are and buy in to their ethos.


Knowing no studio is complete without a hoard of merch to sell, INK.ED wanted to be a one-stop shop for their customers. Selling their own aftercare products and logo-stamped t-shirts that inked patrons love to wear with pride, their Anthology is a befitting touch that not only shows off their portfolio, but their personality too.

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